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Nuvata Vape Pens


Our core product line of vaporizers in the Mind Body series delivers terpene-rich, naturally flavored cannabis oil with high THC and complimenting CBD levels for optimum balance.

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Nuvata Vape Pen

Nuvata Vape Pen delivers terpene-rich and naturally flavored cannabis oil formulated for specific mind and body results. With a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio and a discreet silhouette, Nuvata vape pens are fantastic for efficient medicating, anywhere you go.

Nuvata’s vape pens contain naturally flavored cannabis oil with high amounts of THC and complimenting CBD levels. Each pen has a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio which is meant to help mitigate any paranoia-inducing effects of THC. With added terpenes for six targeted experiences and then a delicious supporting flavor profile, these pens are a major hit with me!

Nuvata Disposables

Mind Body Balance – Tropical Flavor – Achieve Holistic Harmony

Attentive minds will enjoy this hybrid’s ability to deliver sharp, cognitive focus while calming the body and lifting the spirit. With a bursting, tropical flavor profile, every inhale will bring to mind relaxing, exotic getaways.

Full Body – Wild Grape Flavor – Journey Inside Your Rested Self

Those in search of full-bodied tranquility will enjoy the alleviating sensations this blend inspires. You will feel physical contentment wash through you, top to bottom, inside and out. The unique, wild grape flavoring creates an intriguing taste and full aroma without being overwhelming like that of shrooms.

Live Resin – Cerebral Stimulation – Strain: Sour Dubb 

Giving a nice sour and sweet taste, this strain choice is best for those looking for a blend of a head and body high. Pungent and potent, this is for the active user who likes to maintain a relaxed focus. An accompaniment to a morning coffee, a pre-workout booster, or even as a remedy to take the edge off on a night out, Sour Dubb is a favorite on the menu.

Body Dominant – Blueberry Flavor – Find Peace & Comfort

Those seeking peace for the mind and relaxation for the body will find this alleviating oil soothing and uplifting. It evokes a settled air of contentment and is ideal for feeling comfortable and at ease. A refreshing blueberry flavor floods the senses with a cool, calming aroma.

The terpene limonene sets a meditative tone by inspiring a sense of creativity, while myrcene provides a strong, calming effect. Caryophyllene and linalool keep the spirit uplifted and relaxed, and humulene injects a subtle hint of kinetic energy to keep you feeling engaged with your tranquility.


Nuvata – Mind Body Balance – Tropical, Nuvata – Mind Dominant – Tangerine, Nuvata – Full Body – Wild Grape, Nuvata – Full Mind – Strawberry, Nuvata – Mind Body Balance – Lime, Nuvata – Body Dominant – Blueberry, Nuvata – Live Resin – Mind – Sour Dubb, Nuvata – Live Resin – Body – Skywalker OG, Nuvata – Live Resin – Balance – Wedding Cake, Nuvata – Live Resin – Balance – GG4


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