Discover the Magic at East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost

Looking for a unique cannabis experience in Maine’s breathtaking coastline? Look no further than the East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost. Tucked into the charming heart of Kittery, this gem is not your average cannabis shop.

Our dedicated team strives to provide an experience that sets us apart from the rest. We offer a curated selection of high-quality products sourced from trusted growers across the state. Rest assured, we have something to satisfy both the novice and the experienced enthusiast.

Our cozy outpost also serves as an educational hub for those curious about the cannabis world. We believe in sharing knowledge and creating an inspiring, open dialogue with our customers.

Join us for our weekly events or seminars and immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming community. We’re more than just a shop – we’re your local hangout, a haven, and a trusted resource.

At the Kittery Outpost, we’re proudly bringing the very best of Maine’s cannabis to our local community and beyond. Drop by and discover the magic for yourself today.